The body as a means of expression has always had a central role in my life. Already when I was a child I participate in theatre and dance shows – for a long time I dreamed to become a professional dancer.

Till today this theme runs like a thread through my life: after having trained to teach, respectively, gymnastic, dance and aerobics, I worked for thirteen years as an aerobic teacher in many fitness clubs. This daily examination of the body has led me over the years to an always growing interest in the bodywork. I like the thought, on one side, to support the wellbeing through touch and on the other side to assume an advisory role. In 2008 I finished my training in classic massage and I then specialized in foot reflex zones massage and Professional Stone Massage.

Since 2014 I have a diploma in Craniosacral Therapy. The simplicity of this method fascinates me. It is gentle but effective and provides a counterbalance to the hectic pace and the pressure to perform in today’s world.

I am a craniosacral therapist recognized by EMR, ASCA, Schweizerische Stiftung für Komplementärmedizin (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine), EGK-Gesundheitskasse and VISANA.
I am a member of the professional association Cranio Suisse, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Craniosacral Therapie.


Information about Functional Orthonomy Integration FOI:

If you have an additional insurance for complementary medicine (Zusatzversicherung), please ask your insurance company about their participation in the costs.