Ivana Silvestri

As a complementary therapist, I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself; all its needs is time and attention. I offer craniosacral therapy and Functional Orthonomy and Integration to help my clients activate their self-healing powers, better understand their body and relax. In addition to these manual therapies, I offer supervision to my clients to help them make decisions and find their own path.

The human body has fascinated me since I was a child - I have always seen it as an important form of expression. When I was younger, I took part in dance and theatre performances and for a long time, it was my dream to be a dancer. The fascination with the body and its capabilities has stayed with me to this day and my work as a therapist allows me to share this.

Find tranquillity - let go - enjoy relaxation: I begin every one of my treatments with this motto, focusing specifically on the client as the essence of my work. I take the time to understand the client’s problems and listen to body language. Treatment steps and goals are developed together. My solution-oriented and interactive method of working and treatment help the body to become aware of its resources (again) and to be able to heal itself. This also trains the client’s own perception and they learn to better understand their body.

Ivana Silvestri – Praxis Silvestri
Ivana Silvestri – Praxis Silvestri